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The Charity Youth Support is an International Charity registered with the Charity Commission in the United Kingdom and also registered as a company with Companies House UK. Youth Support is also registered with Jamaican Registrar of Companies as an International non profit making Company operating in Jamaica as ‘Youth Support Jamaica’


Youth Support has subdivisions operating in other countries for example – Youth Support Urals (Russia); Youth Support Italia (Italy) and Youth Support Jamaica.. Youth Support also has long standing relationships with other organisations such as Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and operates a research programme in conjunction with Los Angeles and Bristol Universities via the auspices of the ICCYFS (International Centre for Child Youth and Family Studies).


Youth Support’s aim is to provide services for families, children and young people, to provide a support network for professionals working with youth and thirdly to teach and educate both young people themselves and professionals in matters concerning adolescent health and welfare. To this end we publish the ‘Journal of Adolescent Health and Welfare’ on a quarterly basis and hold regular teaching sessions and seminars including yearly conferences and International symposia.


Youth Support also publish books and articles much of which cover original work and research - topics covered include teenage pregnancy and sexuality, child protection , abuse of the teenager and long term consequences of deprivation, neglect and abuse. Our research with teen mothers has covered a twenty year period and is unique in tracking life experiences and needs of very young parents and their children. Staff from Youth Support travel widely to lecture, teach and support youth and professionals in other countries.


Our ‘field’ services throughout the world include residential units serving youth - rehabilitation and assessment for a variety of problems including abuse, emotional problems, substance abuse, alcoholism, teenage pregnancy and eating disorders.  We run day care nursery facilities for young preschool children and services for families. We also have a half way house providing sheltered accommodation and shops where young people can be trained and have work experience or occupational therapy. We provide a variety of therapeutic interventions at all our sites. Advice, counselling and psychotherapy.

Youth Support Projects in Jamaica

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