We are now able to provide streaming videos of some of our activities.  Naturally the quality of picture and especially of movement will be reduced depending on the speed of connection and you may also experience a delay during initial download. Please click on the link representing the speed of your connection.

You need windows media player to view the clips - it can be downloaded from -

Also note that when first using the links you may be prompted to accept a microsoft codec to enable viewing - this is generally quite safe to accept.

If you would like to receive a full copy of any of our publications or videos please use the feedback form to request this.

Further information on our Video and media presentations may also be obtained on which is a Youth Support Project.

We are gradually adding to the list below so please bear with us if the clip you want is not yet available.


  Connection Speed
Title Modem 56K ISDN or broadband
Conference loop conf56 confisdn

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